This book is a collection of first-person observations. These observations, mundane as they may be, consistently lead to an almost exception-less conclusion: Poker Players are Narcissistic Sociopaths. The book is broken into sections, each one examining a different angle of the poker-playing psyche, and each one cataloguing the complex but consistently self-involved behavior of the average poker player.

"Why can't you realize that I don't give a shit about the details of your uneventful existence? I'm doing you the courtesy of not boring you; could you please return the favor?"

"Poker players can be so terrible with their social timing. When your grandfather dies, I don't turn to you to ask if you got his Corvette in the will."

"I find it endlessly amusing the psychological games we'll play to convince ourselves that nothing is ever our fault."

"How can a seemingly grown and mature adult male be flustered after 540 seconds of bad cards?"

"At the poker table, one's desire for respect is a ubiquitous nag. Poker players are aggravatingly prideful."